Over the years I 'blooded' many new recruits to the public relations 'circus' and some things can't be taught. If they don't like you they probably are not listening ...and while behaviour can be modified somewhat some people are just naturals to the area of PR.  Luckily one of those 'naturals' is our North American partner, Jane Owen, who specialises in boutique public relations and event planning through her company.  Jane's clients span the celebrity world including musicians, actors, venues, film companies, fashion designers and brands.  Based in Beverly Hills,  Jane and I met while I was working at The Outside Organisation in 1999.

Initially she worked solely on music, but through extensive experience in London and New York , finally settled and established herself in Los Angeles and has over a decade of successful campaigns to her name. I've worked with many luminaries of the entertainment industry and am indeed privileged to have a partner of such ability to move forward the concept of West One Pacific.  For more detailed information of the work of Jane Owen please visit:



As well as knowing your audience, you need to accurately target your potential audience  ...over the years there were obvious 'bankers' for the wider audience and those that could never realistically reach further than a specific niche  ...I developed an obsession for the '20 per cent grey area' where creativity and imagination in approach and presentation (generally known as going that extra mile) would achieve the unexpected (to others) result. I don't pretend that this was a unique attribute of mine, it was the difference between just being the 'delivery boy' and the most successful in the promotional field, who I have genuine and deep respect for.

Our extensive client history is a serves as  an invaluable testimony to consistent success over many years and perhaps a pointer to our approach is that no two campaigns are the same whether it be celebrity, lifestyle or cutting edge journals, the New Musical Express or Hello, tabloids or broadsheets, Graham Norton or Jimmy Fallon etc.


Assisting me in London is Iveta Upite, who has freelanced with me periodically over the last decade.   A specialist in the luxury end of the hospitality sector, Iveta has just returned from spells in Moscow, Monaco and New York, previous to which she was working with The Dorchester Collection.


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